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Black Rice has a black coloured bran layer due to its unique anthocyanin combination and these anthocyanins cause black rice to turn into a deep purple colour when cooked. Anthocyanin is the same anti-oxidant that gives eggplants, and blueberries its deep purple. Nutrition: Antioxidant anthocyanins content in black rice is 4 times higher than black beans, which acts to reduce the risk of diabetes, heart disease and cancer risk. In addition, black rice also provides more vitamins and minerals to bring youthfulness to your body, etc.
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- Broken: 10% max

- Moisture: 14% max

- Foreign matters: 0.1% max

- Damaged kernel: 1% max

- Yellow kernel: 1.5% max

- Red & red streak kernel: 1.75% max

- Glutinous kernel: 0.5% max

- Paddy grain: 10 grains/kg max

- Average length of grain: 6.6mm


 * Packing: 5-50kg PP bag/ 1-5kg PA bag/ 5-50kg BOPP bag

 * Lead time: 8-14 days

 * Loading: 27MT/ 20ft

 * Payment: T/T or L/C 


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