Export of agriculture, forestry and fishery in 4 months increased by 24.2%

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Export of agriculture, forestry and fishery in 4 months increased by 24.2%

The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development said that in April 2021, the weather was quite favorable for agriculture, forestry and fisheries. The whole industry actively guides localities in effectively implementing production plans, preventing diseases on crops and animals, at the same time promoting domestic product consumption and market opening.

Total import-export turnover of AFF products in the first 4 months of 2021 is estimated at 32.07 billion USD, of which export is about 17.15 billion USD, up by 24.2% YoY. Import (import) was estimated at about 14.93 billion USD, up 48.7%; trade surplus is about 2.2 billion USD, down by 41.1% YoY. Of which, export of main agricultural products is estimated at 5.9 billion USD, up by 9.0%; main forest products reached 5.33 billion USD, up 50.9%; seafood was estimated at 2.39 billion USD, up 6.1%; husbandry is estimated at 125 million USD, up 37.4%.

In the first 4 months of the year, many products and product groups with remarkable increase in export value included rubber increased by more than 100%; cassava and cassava products increased by nearly 24%; livestock products increased by more than 37%; wood products increased by more than 71%; rattan, bamboo, carpet rose nearly 66% ... In which, rubber, tea, cassava increased both volume and export value: Rubber (up 79.6% in volume, 111.6% in value); tea (up 1.6% in volume and 7.9% in value), cassava (up 65.3% in volume and 90.9% in value).

Especially, there are 2 items, although the volume decreased, but thanks to the increase in the average export value, the value still increased, including: Rice (down 10.8% in volume but up by 1.2% in value); peppercorn (decreased by 21.3% in volume but increased by 10.3% in value).

Some items with a decrease in export value such as: Coffee decreased 17.6% in volume, decreased 11.6% in value, cashew nuts increased 8.6% in volume but decreased 7.8% in value.

Regarding the export market, according to the estimated export value of agriculture, forestry and fishery in the first 4 months of 2021 of Vietnam to Asian markets accounted for 46.9% of the market share, the Americas accounted for 27.6%, Europe 10.0% , Oceania 1.4% and Africa 1.4%.

Nhat Quang


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