Vietnam's rice export in 2020 is estimated at 6.15 million tons

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Vietnam's rice export in 2020 is estimated at 6.15 million tons

In 2020, the export activities in general and rice export in particular will face many difficulties and challenges, mainly due to the extremely complicated impact of the Covid-19 epidemic. In this situation, the Government, the Prime Minister and the Ministry of Industry and Trade have actively implemented many measures to both ensure epidemic prevention and food security, and remove difficulties for export activities. import in general and rice export in particular, helping people to consume paddy and rice with the best quantity and price.
So far, it can be seen that both major goals set by the Government and the Prime Minister for rice production and export have been achieved. Food security is absolutely guaranteed in 2020, even in the most difficult times, when the epidemic breaks out and foreign buyers increase strongly to buy rice from Vietnam. According to estimates of the inter-ministry, rice exports in 2020 will reach 6.15 million tons, worth about $ 3.07 billion. Although rice exports decreased by about 3.5% compared to 2019, mainly for the purpose of ensuring national food security, the export value increased by 9.3%. The average export price for the whole year is estimated at 499 USD / ton, an increase of 13.3% compared to 2019. This is the highest average annual price in recent years, bringing great benefits to rice farmers. .
Vietnam's rice export structure continues to shift to fragrant rice, high quality rice with higher selling prices and added value. At the same time, rice farmers and traders are also increasingly interested in improving quality, traceability and towards meeting the strict standards of demanding markets such as the EU, Korea, United States, etc.
The results of rice export in 2020 show great efforts of people and businesses in overcoming difficulties and challenges of natural disasters and epidemics to maintain rice export turnover. Besides, there is the close, practical and timely management of the Government, the Prime Minister, ministries and branches. The Ministry of Industry and Trade hopes that with the efforts of all parties, rice exports in 2021 will continue to achieve new achievements, with the ultimate goal of ensuring food security and consuming all paddy and rice. Goods to the farmer at the most profitable price.
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