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Viet Nam Jasmine Rice is high-quality perfumed rice with a big, lengthy, white kernel. Jasmine rice is grown in the Mekong Delta, characterized by its suppleness and slight aroma. When cooked for sticky, sweet, drained rice, especially it is still moist and delicious until the end of the crop. Jasmine Rice is famous worldwide and is imported in areas such as the USA, the Middle East, Africa,...
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- Broken: 5% max

- Moisture: 14% max

- Foreign matters: 0.1% max

- Chalky kernel: 3% max

- Damaged kernel: 0.5% max

- Yellow kernel: 0.5% max

- Red & red streak kernel: 0.5% max

- Paddy grain: 2 grains/kg max

- Average length of grain: 6.8mm

 * Packing: 5-50kg PP bag/ 1-5kg PA bag/ 5-50kg BOPP bag

 * Lead time: 8-14 days

 * Loading:

Packing 500 gr/ 1 kg/2kg/5kg: 25 tons per 1x20ft

Packing 10-50 kgs: 26.5-27.5 tons/ 20ft

Packing in Jumpo: 20 tons /20ft

Fumigation: 7 days

 * Payment: T/T or L/C 


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