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Continuing the series of "Kindheart Rice" events, the first one involved the distribution of Golden Calf rice and essential supplies to the Association of Agent Orange Victims in Hau My Trinh commune, Cai Be district, Tien Giang province. This time, "Kindheart Rice" extended its support to the Kim Phuoc Pagoda shelter, where many orphaned children and elderly individuals find refuge.

With the spirit of "Helping those in need," and to raise funds for the campaign, all the employees of Sunrise Ins came together to contribute money during the company's anniversary celebration.

In addition, the company embarked on a small side project for Sunrise Ins employees to make and sell Sunrise Ins mooncakes by themselves to raise more funds for the Kind Heart Rice project. For every Sunrise Ins mooncake sold, all  profit are used to buy more than 1 liter of fresh milk for orphans.

The team from Sunrise Ins brought to Kim Phuoc Pagoda shelter  essentials such as Golden Calf rice, milk, cash, Sunrise Ins mooncakes, lanterns, and nutritious snacks. In addition to these gifts were virtual magic performances by Sun Wukong and team-building games, singing, dancing, and riddles. Initially, the children were somewhat shy, but after participating in the activities and games, their shyness vanished, and the atmosphere became comfortable, cheerful, and friendly. 

While the material donations may not have been abundant, the spirit was one of wholeheartedness from the Sunrise Ins team. At the conclusion of this volunteer program, the company's entire team felt fulfilled when they saw the children's eyes filled with joy and their radiant smiles. Through this, we want to express our gratitude to all the employees who contributed and dedicated themselves to the campaign, and we also want to thank our partners for their support and companionship, which contributed to the success of the campaign. Sunrise Ins, together with Golden Calf rice, is committed to not only delivering the highest quality but also delivering rice filled with love and profound human values. The values that Sunrise Ins builds from input to output, from suppliers to customers, create a strong ecosystem that respects and ensures mutual benefits, mutual support, sharing love, and creating value that benefits the community.

With the motto "Harnessing and utilizing local resources comes with the responsibility to create, build, and give back to the community values that are worthy," Sunrise will carry out charitable activities in localities - the places where Sunrise rice is produced and distributed worldwide.

Our company always adheres to the belief that "Charity is the virtue of the heart, not just of the hands." We hope that this year's Mid-Autumn Festival will bring an abundance of joy and good health to the children as they receive love, care, and attention from everyone," a representative from Sunrise Ins shared.

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